our process

Sew Co. is a relatively small cut and sew shop with great attention to detail and quality.  We believe the only way to compete with overseas production is through exquisite craftsmanship.  We care about what we make and are not willing to sacrifice quality for speed.  We seek clients who value our labor and skill and have a design-focused product.  

We do charge for production by the piece, but it is of course calculated by time spent.  Our production rate is $40/hr so that we can pay a living wage to our employees and cover our overhead expenses.  We just like to be up-front with potential clients about that. We have low production minimums, so that we can service most levels of need, however that implies obvious implications for your economies of scale should you choose to produce small runs (some small runs will be performed at an our hourly rate).  

The best place for us to start for new production clients is to first receive some images and any target labor costs + initial quantities you have.  Following that review we will request samples of your product to review machine requirements and our ability to replicate construction methods.  We require cutting and sewing a sample with materials you provide to give us a time estimate so we can provide you with a piece price and you an opportunity to review our work.  Our sample rate is $50/hr.

We are very adept at pattern and sample making, along with business development.  Our development rate is $75/hr.  The best place to start for new development clients is for us to review digital images, sketches, samples, fabrics - any visual materials you have to convey your product, so that we can define scope and scale of a potential project.  From there we can schedule a meeting and review a project contract.  

As well, we do have a fulfillment department that can package and ship your product direct to customer or drop ship, depending on the product and packaging.  We charge a storage and inventory fee along with a per shipment fee, both determined by scope of the arrangement.   

If after reviewing this information, you feel you still need more assistance in developing your idea before working with us, we personally recommend the Carolina Textile District as a great resource for manufacturing and resourcing in our region. They offer a Sewn 101 class that is a wonderful introduction into the industry.

Please let us know if this information has been helpful and if you would like to pursue working with us!  We would love the opportunity.